Nishnaview Farm

Are you Organically Certified?

No, we are not certified as we do not feel at this stage of our life we want more paper work and expense.   We are in our second year of being certified Naturally Grown.  We practice growing methods that fall with in the orgainic defination and have our farm and growning methods inspection each year.  If you would like more information on this program go to the Certified Naturally Grown website. 

Are your eggs free range?

Yes, our "girls" have to "work for a living."  They are allowed out to dig and scratch and do what chickens do.  We feel that by allowing them to be out in the fresh air and to beable to range that the quality of our eggs are better. 


What's the difference?

We are often asked what the difference is between jelly, jam, preserves and the like. 

Jelly is make usually from the juice of a fruit or product.  It has little or not fruit pieces.

Jam is made by cooking crushed or chopped fruit with sugar unti it is soft and spreadable.

Marmalade is a soft jelly containing small pieces of fruit and peel, evenly suspended in jelly.  They similar to jams.

Preserves is fruit preserved with sugar with a thickness of honey to that of a sof jelly.  Also similar to jam.

Conserve are jam like made with a combination of two or more fruits, nuts and raisins.

Butter is made by cooking fruit pulp and sugar to a thick consistency that will spread easily.  Spices may be added and they are cooked slowly and take hours to make.